(Updated December 2017)

The Canadian Press
How hackers use unsuspecting companies’ sites to ‘mine’ for cryptocurrency, Nov. 19/17
Online travel agency TRVL shuts down in Ontario, Oct. 23/17
Canadian cities in the hunt for Amazon’s HQ2 — but is it worth the shot?, Oct. 19/17
Canada 150: Daily life would be very different without these Canadian inventions, Apr. 25/17
Mincing garlic trends, food fraud expert discovers a mystery, Apr. 7/17
Ex-Tim Hortons CEO denies giving confidential info from rogue franchisee group, Sept. 22/17
‘Moving away from the fear factor:’ Bringing insects into mainstream diets, Jan. 5/17
SoulCycle rides into Canadian fitness market with planned Toronto studio in 2017, Nov. 11/16
Canadian shopping malls up their culinary game with better food court selection, Nov. 4/16
After starting in Waterloo, VR arcade plans rapid expansion, Oct. 19/16
Exotic meat demand on the rise as chefs cater to foodies’ culinary desires, Sept. 13/16
The cost of raising an Olympic athlete can have a low return-on-investment, Aug. 26/16
Despite growing calls for more women on boards, Corporate Canada resists, June 30/16
Craft brewers, beer makers compete as cider sales soar, May 11/16
Precarious work, technological advances drive basic income interest, Apr. 17/16
Tech talent shortage means post-secondary education no longer required, Mar. 29/16
Librarians fight precarious work’s creep into white collar jobs, Mar. 27/16
French’s ketchup was ‘cannibalizing’ sales of PC brand, Loblaw memo says, Mar. 16/16
Rattling cages: Canadian egg farmers resist push to cage-free housing, Mar. 9/16
Instagram’s doggie darlings are big business for their owners, Mar. 1/16
Death midwives, corpse-handling class: DIY funerals bring back ‘ancient’ process, Feb. 21/16
Cauliflower may be hot among foodies, but soaring prices are forcing it off menus, Jan. 17/16

‘Poverty porn’ frenzy hits reality TV, but maybe it’s not a bad thing, July 2/15
Dementia villages re-create ‘normal’ life for patients, May 3/15
How ‘dangerous’ pro-eating-disorder communities thrive online, Feb. 24/15
Auschwitz liberation’s 70th anniversary focuses on survivors, Jan. 25/15
Scientists discover oldest engraving by human ancestor in museum collection, Dec. 5/14
Meet the teen mastermind of Hong Kong’s ‘umbrella revolution,’ Oct. 2/14
Pesticides linked to bee deaths must be banned, scientists say, June 24/14
Meet a graduate carrying Canada’s average student debt load, March 11/14
‘I’m dying:’ Woman seeks $60K for eating disorder treatment, Jan. 31/14
‘Someone has to go 1st:’ Canada’s lone male midwife, Dec. 14/13
Generation Y struggles in expensive housing, rental market, Oct. 20/13
Prosthetic ‘wearable art’ line designed by Canadian pair, Sept. 21/13
Unpaid intern hell: Overtime, tuition fees, Sept. 10/13
Why can’t a paralyzed teen compete in the Paralympics?, Aug. 15/13
Unpaid internships exploit ‘vulnerable generation’, July 2/13
North Korea tourism ‘booming’ despite war threats, April 5/13
Europe’s horsemeat scandal spurs Canadian consumption, Feb. 26/13

The Globe and Mail
Divorced 39-year-old moves back in with parents to tackle her debt load, March 19/15
Self-employed traveller, 35, en route to repaying $25,000 credit card debt, March 30/15
Recent grads repay $63,000 debt load in five years by living like students, Feb. 4/15
Retired Maritimes couple digging their way out of $145,000 debt hole, Dec. 10/14
Woman returns fundraising favour after tragedy strikes again, Aug. 30/12
Road scholars: B.C.’s cash-strapped students take to living in their cars, Aug. 7/12
Goats: The new first line of defence against weeds?, July 9/12
Masquerave brings sexy back to Whistler’s Cornucopia Festival, Nov. 10/11

The New York Times
Dying for Land, June 9/12
Damming the Amazon, May 5/12

Metro Toronto
Sidewalk Crusaders busk for tuition money on the streets of Toronto, Aug. 5/14
Buffet-style gym pass lets you sample choices in Toronto, July 24/14
Calvin Harris ditches band for turntables and guest features, Nov. 7/12
Your guide to birthday freebies in Toronto, Sept. 23/12

The Tyee
In high rent cities, vehicles become homes, Aug. 6/12
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Three part series looking at the merits and drawbacks of year-round education in British Columbia, after the government made changes allowing schools to make the calendar shift with more ease. May 2-4/12
‘Dissolve': A show about date rape, Oct. 5/11

Toronto Star
Territorial swans terrorize Ontario Place wildlife, July 18/11

Toronto Sun
Remembering Canada’s war dead, Aug. 1/11
Tornado-hunter’s 6,300 kilo armoured ride, July 27/11
The new Red Rocket has arrived, July 21/11
Google’s high-tech trike makes Toronto debut, July 19/11
Fundraiser held to honour teen drowning victim, July 16/11

The Thunderbird
Terminal cancer patient aims for creative legacy, March 31/11
UBC students dinged by meal plan fine print, Nov. 25/10