About Me

Aleksandra Sagan Headshot

I’m a business reporter with the Canadian Press. You can check out some of my work here.

I’m also an avid traveller (with India, Iceland, Kenya, the Arctic and Costa Rica currently topping my destination wish list), a runner and an avid cook with an irrational fear of baking.

I love personal finance, and eat more clementines and cheese than I should. While my favourite authors include Wally Lamb, Barbara Kingsolver, Rohinton Mistry and Ann-Marie MacDonald, I also regularly pick up young adult fiction.

I hope to retire in Peniche, Portugal – a place I fell in love with long ago. I dream of a magical world where I can spend the day as either a sea otter or a dog with floppy ears.

I can always be convinced to run more than my bad hip can handle, play tennis using form learned from YouTube or jump in a car for a road trip – so long as there are snacks involved.

Check out my life list, which I’ve constantly been revamping since my first draft when I was 13 years old, to learn more about me:

( ) Read 20 books that will change the way I think

( ) Go white water rafting

(X) Visit a pumpkin farm

( ) Build a tree house with a rope ladder

( ) Publish a novel

( ) Visit all the National Parks in Canada

( ) Walk a praying mantis on a leash

(X) Visit a haunted house

( ) Roll down a hill with a pure bred golden retriever in San Francisco

( ) Write the LSAT

( ) Walk down Yonge Street from beginning to end

( ) Perform one night of stand-up comedy

(X) Run through a field of wheat

( ) See the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup

( ) Learn to speak French

(X) See the Northern lights

( ) Go sea kayaking

( ) Run a marathon

(X) Sleep outside, without a tent

(X) Overcome my fear of roller coasters

(X) See a shooting star

(X) Go to a drive in movie

(X) Finish a triathlon

(X) Go to a European music festival

(X) Win a medal and a trophy

( ) Finish an Ironman

( ) Walk over hot coals in bare feet

(X) Visit a psychic

(X) Go on a cross-Canada road trip

( ) Throw a remote control at the center of a television screen so that it shatters

( ) Participate in a Monopoly tournament

(X) Take an overnight train ride

( ) Run the Comrades Up Ultra

(X) Stand on the glass floor of the C.N. tower

(X) Have something named after me

( ) Age gracefully

( ) Participate in the Yukon River Quest

(X) Win an eating contest

( ) Spend the night in a bed and breakfast in the country

(1/5) Visit my top five: Scotland, Kenya, India, the Arctic, and Costa Rica

( ) Swim with dolphins

(X) Go skinny dipping

(X) Throw a surprise party for someone for no reason

(X) Make a video documentary

( ) Go whale watching

(X) Win a contest

(X) Peel an apple in one smooth peel

( ) Spend a night in the Ottawa Jail hostel

(X) Learn to drive